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Gold Price in Pakistan Today (17 August 2023)

LahorePKR 225,100PKR 2,455
KarachiPKR 225,100PKR 2,455
IslamabadPKR 225,100PKR 2,455
PeshawarPKR 225,100PKR 2,455
QuettaPKR 225,100PKR 2,455
SialkotPKR 225,100PKR 2,455
AttockPKR 225,100PKR 2,455
GujranwalaPKR 225,100PKR 2,455
JehlumPKR 225,100PKR 2,455
MultanPKR 225,100PKR 2,455
BahawalpurPKR 225,100PKR 2,455
GujratPKR 225,100PKR 2,455
NawabshahPKR 225,100PKR 2,455
ChakwalPKR 225,100PKR 2,455
HyderabadPKR 225,100PKR 2,455
NowshehraPKR 225,100PKR 2,455
SargodhaPKR 225,100PKR 2,455
FaisalabadPKR 225,100PKR 2,455
MirpurPKR 225,100PKR 2,455

In Pakistan, the value of gold holds immense cultural, economic, and investment significance. As the nation eagerly tracks the fluctuations in gold rates, today’s article delves into the current gold prices, the factors influencing them, and their impact on various stakeholders.

Factors Influencing Gold Prices:

Global Market Trends:

The international gold market is a major determinant of local prices. Fluctuations in supply and demand on a global scale, geopolitical tensions, and economic uncertainty can drive changes in gold prices.

Currency Values:

Since gold is traded in US dollars globally, changes in the exchange rate between the Pakistani Rupee and the US Dollar can impact local gold prices.

Interest Rates:

In periods of low interest rates, investors might prefer to park their funds in gold as it is considered a hedge against inflation and economic instability. Conversely, higher interest rates might discourage gold investments.


Gold has historically acted as a store of value during times of inflation, making it an attractive option for preserving wealth.

Central Bank Policies:

Gold reserves held by the State Bank of Pakistan can also influence prices. Central banks’ decisions regarding buying or selling gold can create ripples in the market.

Jewelry Demand:

Pakistan has a strong tradition of gold jewelry, particularly during wedding seasons and festive occasions. Fluctuations in jewelry demand can impact local prices. Impact on Various Stakeholders:


For investors, tracking gold prices is essential as it can serve as a diversification tool in their portfolios. However, timing is critical, as buying or selling at the right moment can maximize returns.


The jewelry industry closely watches gold rates, as they determine the cost of raw materials. Variations in prices can influence consumer buying behavior and affect profit margins.


High gold prices can discourage consumers from purchasing jewelry, while lower prices might stimulate demand. Many consumers also view gold as a long-term investment and savings option.


Gold prices can have broader implications for the economy. High gold prices might affect the trade balance due to increased imports, while low prices can ease the pressure on the current account.

Conclusion: The gold rate in Pakistan today is a reflection of complex global and local factors. While it holds cultural and ornamental value, it also plays a crucial role in the nation’s economic landscape. As investors, consumers, and stakeholders navigate the fluctuations in gold prices, staying informed about the factors influencing them remains essential for making informed decisions.

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