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Today Gold Rate in Pakistan

As of Thursday, November 23, 2023, the current gold rates in Pakistan stand at PKR 216,000 per tola for 24 karat gold and PKR 169,753 per 10 grams for 22 karat gold. These prices are sourced from the Sarafa Jewelers Association and the International Gold Market. Additionally, a performance graph illustrating the gold price trends over the past 10 days is provided for your reference. Stay updated on the latest developments in the gold market with our reliable information.

10 Grams24KRs. 185,185
1 Tola24KRs. 216,000
10 Grams22KRs. 169,753
1 Tola22KRs. 198,051
10 Grams21KRs. 162,037
1 Tola21KRs. 189,048
10 Grams20KRs. 154,321
1 Tola20KRs. 180,046
10 Grams18KRs. 138,889
1 Tola18KRs. 162,042

Gold Price Today In Major Cities Of Pakistan

KarachiRs. 216,000Rs. 198051
IslamabadRs. 216,000Rs. 198051
LahoreRs. 216,000Rs. 198051
MultanRs. 216,000Rs. 198051
PeshawarRs. 216,000Rs. 198051

Gold Rate In Pakistan For Last 10 Days

Nov 23, 23Rs. 216000Rs. 169753
Nov 22, 23Rs. 215600Rs. 169439
Nov 21, 23Rs. 215000Rs. 168967
Nov 20, 23Rs. 216000Rs. 169753
Nov 19, 23Rs. 214800Rs. 168810
Nov 18, 23Rs. 216000Rs. 198000
Nov 17, 23Rs. 215600Rs. 169439
Nov 16, 23Rs. 214800Rs. 168810
Nov 15, 23Rs. 182442Rs. 167238
Nov 15, 23Rs. 212800Rs. 167238


As of November 22, 2023, the gold price in Pakistan stands at Rs. 216,000 per tola for 24K gold. Gold, synonymous with purity and luxury, holds cultural significance in our subcontinent, particularly during wedding seasons. If you’re considering crafting gold jewelry, stay informed about the latest gold rates in Pakistan based on its purity, ranging from 18 to 24 carats.

Gold in Pakistan: For 24 carats, the gold rate in Pakistan today is Rs. 216,000 per tola as of November 22, 2023. Gold has been a cherished accessory for Pakistani women for many years, serving both as adornment and a reliable investment. The global price of gold is determined by the London Bullion Market and occasionally influenced by the IMF, holding sole authority over gold standards and pricing.

However, the price of gold is dynamic, influenced by various factors. In Pakistan, the Gold Rate fluctuates due to the relative strength of the Pakistani Rupee against other world currencies. Examining Gold Price Pakistan History reveals a lack of stability, with the country facing economic crises and severe inflation.


  1. What is the Price of 1 tola gold in Pakistan Today? The current gold price in Pakistan per tola is Rs. 216,000 as of November 22, 2023.
  2. What is the price of 1 gram 24K gold in Pakistan? The price of 1 gram 24K Gold in Pakistan today is Rs. 16,975.
  3. What is the gold rate in Pakistan today? Today’s gold rate in Pakistan is Rs. 216,000.
  4. What is the rate of 24K gold in Pakistan? The 24K Gold rate in Pakistan is Rs. 185,185 per 10 grams.
  5. How much is 22 carat gold in Pakistan? The 22 carat Gold rate in Pakistan is Rs. 198,051.

Gold Rate Today Karachi ARY: As of November 22, 2023, the ARY Gold Rate in Pakistan for 1 tola of 24 karat gold is set at Rs. 216,000. It’s important to note that these rates are applicable in Karachi as well.

Gold Biscuit Price in Pakistan: The gold biscuit price in Pakistan is Rs. 216,000 per 24K per tola.

How much is a Tola? The measurement of a tola varies in different countries. In the context of Gold rate in Pakistan, one tola is equivalent to 11.66 grams. Stay updated with the latest gold prices to make informed decisions in the dynamic market.