Gold Rates

Gold Prices in Major Cities

Top City
Gold rate in KarachiKHI232800232900
Gold rate in LahoreLHR232850232950
Gold rate in IslamabadISB232900233000
Gold rate in PeshawarPEW232950233050

Gold prices are a crucial indicator of economic stability and financial trends. As of today, the price of gold holds significance not only for investors and jewelers but also for the common public. In major cities across Pakistan, gold prices experience fluctuations due to global market dynamics and local demand and supply factors. Let’s take a closer look at the current gold prices in some of the prominent cities of Pakistan.


Karachi, the financial hub of Pakistan, witnesses a substantial demand for gold. As of today, the gold price per tola stands at 232900, while the price per 10 grams is [insert price]. This rate reflects the dynamic nature of the gold market and its responsiveness to international trends.


In Lahore, a city known for its rich cultural heritage, the price of gold per tola is [insert price], and the price per 10 grams is 232850. Residents of Lahore keenly observe these prices, as they play a role not only in personal adornment but also in cultural celebrations and weddings.


The capital city, Islamabad, is home to various government institutions and diplomatic missions. As of today, the gold price per tola in Islamabad is [insert price], while the rate per 10 grams is [insert price]. These prices reflect the economic climate and financial sentiments of the country at large.


Adjacent to Islamabad, Rawalpindi shares similar gold price trends due to its close proximity. The gold price per tola in Rawalpindi currently stands at 232900, with the price per 10 grams being [insert price]. This consistency in pricing indicates the uniformity of the market in the twin cities.

Gold Prices in Major


Moving to Multan, a city known for its historical significance, the gold price per tola is [insert price], and the rate per 10 grams is 233000. The residents of Multan, like those in other cities, track these prices closely due to the cultural and economic significance of gold.


Gold prices in major cities of Pakistan are subject to various factors, including global market trends, local demand, and economic conditions. Today’s gold prices in cities such as Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Multan demonstrate the dynamic nature of the precious metals market. As individuals and businesses continue to monitor these prices, they gain insights into the economic health of both Pakistan and the world.

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