Gold Rates

gold rate in muharam

The local market experiences a decline in demand for bullion throughout the month of Muharram, which ushers in a new Islamic year.

Pakistan’s gold price has fluctuated recently due to ongoing political and economic unrest, as well as severe inflation. In these circumstances, people prefer to purchase gold as a safe investment and a hedge.

The association’s data revealed that the cost of silver remained constant at Rs. 2,900 per tola and Rs. 2,486.28 for every 10 grams.

Prior to Muharram, the price of gold surged by Rs13,200 a tola over the previous three sessions, which were held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

According to data provided by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the local currency also declined versus the US dollar today in the interbank market by 0.47%.

The rupee’s exchange rate to the dollar was Rs285.15.

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